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Rent an SUV in Miami

When you’re pursuing luxury in Miami, your next five-star adventure can take you anywhere, and for that you need a vehicle that does the same—a luxury SUV rental delivered right to you. Get safety, spaciousness, and sturdiness combined with no shortage of style or comfort. Rent a premium SUV from RealCar and take full advantage of one of Miami’s greatest attributes: the ability to quickly access nature. The city has no shortage of scenic drives that only get better with the improved view of a vehicle higher off the ground, bringing into focus the lush wildlife, colorful architecture, and shimmering waters surrounding the city. Miami is truly a city where a luxury SUV means no limitations. RealCar only provides the best premium marques, so you’ll be sure to make a bold statement with every turn, from some of the finest seafood restaurants in the world right on the coast, to the latest gallery opening, to an evening capped off by a classic opera or ballet. When an SUV rental in Miami is all that will do, rely on RealCar and get the vehicle of your choice delivered without the hassle of paperwork and pickup. Select one of RealCar’s premium SUV rentals from the top luxury brands and start driving in style in Miami today.

Rent a SUV with RealCar and have the vehicle of your choice delivered to the location of your choice

Why RealCar?

  • The Car You Want

    Drive only the best: Range Rover, Porsche,
    BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, or Maserati

    The Car You Want
  • The Car You Need

    Choose a performance SUV, top-class sedan,
    sporty convertible or next-gen EV.

    The Car You Need
  • Fair Toll + Fuel Plan

    Pay only for what you use.
    No surprise surcharges.

    Fair Toll + Fuel Plan
  • Door-to-Door Delivery

    RealCar delivers and picks up your vehicle
    wherever you are, on your schedule.

    Door-to-Door Delivery


  • Where is the nearest place to rent a luxury SUV in Miami?
    RealCar is the go-to premium car rental site in Miami. We offer a wide range of luxury SUVs for rent at competitive prices. Simply visit our website or give us a call to reserve your vehicle today.
    What makes RealCar the best choice for luxury car rentals?
    RealCar offers a wide selection of premium vehicles, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing. Our commitment to providing a seamless and luxurious rental experience sets us apart from the rest.
    What is the most dependable make and model of SUV that RealCar offers for rent?
    RealCar offers a variety of dependable SUVs for rent. Each model is regularly maintained to ensure a safe and reliable driving experience.
    What types of SUVs are available for rent from RealCar in Miami?
    RealCar offers a variety of luxury SUVs for rent in Miami, including Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, and Mercedes-Benz GLE. Check out our website for more details and to reserve your SUV today!
  • What are some popular destinations or routes to explore with an SUV rental in Miami?
    Popular destinations to explore with an SUV in Miami include the Everglades, Key West, and the Florida Keys. The spacious and versatile SUVs provide comfort and convenience for any adventure.
    Can I take my SUV rental out of the Miami area, and are there any restrictions on where I can drive the car?
    Yes, you can take your SUV rental out of the Miami area, but there may be restrictions on where you can drive the car. Please check with our customer service team before embarking on your trip.
    Is it permissible to bring pets into my rental SUV?
    Yes, you can bring your pets in your rental SUVs. However, please note that an additional cleaning fee may apply.
    Do I need to clean my SUV rental before I return it?
    No, you don't have to clean your SUV rental before returning it. We take care of cleaning, washing and detailing all our vehicles between every rental. But if the SUV is returned dirty, with pet hair or any other signs of abuse, you may be charged an additional cleaning fee.
  • What are the advantages of SUVs compared to sedans?
    SUVs offer more space and comfort than sedans.
    Is driving an SUV more difficult?
    Driving an SUV can be more challenging due to their larger size and reduced maneuverability, making them less responsive in tight spaces and emergency situations.
    Can I rent an SUV for a day, a week, or longer with RealCar in Miami?
    Yes, you can rent an SUV from RealCar in Miami for a day, a week, or longer, depending on availability. If you plan to book for more than 30 days, please contact us directly.
    Is there a limit to how many miles I can drive during the rental period of an SUV with RealCar in Miami?
    Yes, there is a mileage limit for SUV rentals at RealCar in Miami. Daily and weekend rentals come with 200 free miles per day, weekly rentals include 1,000 free miles, and monthly rentals include 3,000 free miles. Additional mileage is charged at $0.75 per mile.

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